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PERI in Weissenhorn

Siège social, Centre de développement et Site de produciton depuis 1969

Nos prestations pour vos projets : Coffrages, Echafaudages et Ingénierie d'une même et seule provenance


Pour chaque structure en béton, PERI fournit la solution de coffrage la plus adaptée à vos projets. Notre large éventail de gammes permet de répondre dans sa globalité aux exigences des différentes méthodes de construction ainsi quà leurs conditions parfois extrêmes.


Les échafaudages PERI peuvent être utilisés pour de nombreuses applications sur les chantiers. Qu'il s'agisse d'un échafaudage cadre ou d'un échafaudage modulaire, leur grande flexibilité permet un niveau élevé d'utilisation.

Steady growth since founding – a success story

PERI can look back on more than 40 years of experience. The great innovation strength and the early internationalization are the pillars of the global success and steady growth. The high level of customer focus, of quality systems and of expertise create the confidence which has made the company a leading global brand.

PERI international – with over 95 representative offices worldwide

Our experts are on active service for our customers in almost every country in the world. From this international activity with different requirements, we generate excellent knowledge in all areas and markets. We are happy to share this know-how with our customers. So local insights creates global knowledge - for efficient and safe construction procedures and quality results.

Our locations

Sustainability as a basic principle – from the development to transportation

The issue of sustainability has a firm place in our business processes. Product development is already focused on the best utilization of materials and thus the most economical use. Raw material selection and procurement is carried out in terms of ecological sustainability with timber, for example, coming mainly from certified growing regions.

New technologies and efficient production processes ensure the best quality and long service life of PERI system equipment which, in turn, has a positive effect on the consumption of resources. Delivery and construction site logistics are also optimized regarding shipping volumes and transportation routes. Strategically-positioned sites guarantee short delivery distances whereby transportation is also continuously optimized through an intelligent logistics network.

The biomass power station at the Weissenhorn production site is a symbol for sustainable action at PERI. From wood shavings, a waste product from the girder production, power and heat are generated in the power plant which contributes a significant part of the used energy mix at the production facilities.