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Grain Silo near Parma, Italy

Données projet

Adresses: Parma, Italie

Nine grain silos for the expansion of storage capacities

Height: each 52 m
Internal diameter: 7 m
Wall thickness: 25 cm
Storage capacities: 1,350 t wheat

Exigences projet

  • Construction schedule 8 months
  • High concrete surface quality
  • Only one jobsite crane available


Ghidini Egidio S.p.a., Alberi-Parma

Avantages pour le client

  • Maintaining the short construction schedule
  • Fast and continuous working operations
  • Continuous 2-weekly cycles
  • Reduced on-site material requirements
  • Dimensionally accurate and high concrete surface quality
  • Optimal access possibilities with a high level of safety
Grain Silo Statement, Mauro Ghidini, Contractor
Mauro Ghidini

Our goal was to achieve a high surface quality. With PERI, we found a very competent partner and, with their support, we were able to fulfil all the requirements and complete the project to our full satisfaction.

Solutions PERI

  • Climbing formwork solution with complete CB platform levels and halved VARIO wall formwork requirements
  • 16 climbing cycles each with a 3.25 m concreting cycle height
  • Accurately pre-assembled and ready-to-use VARIO formwork elements delivered to the jobsite
  • Compete solution including a 40 m high PERI UP stair access