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Stanari Thermal Power Plant, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Données projet

Adresses: Doboj, Bosnie-Herzégovine

  • Realization of 9 massive concrete piers for the platform supporting the power plant condenser
  • Construction of the turbine building with a 30.50 m x 12.00 m base area and height of 16.90 m

Exigences projet

  • Climbing formwork solution for 9 circular piers with 40 cm wall thicknesses and 3.60 m diameters
  • 11.60 m high shoring for extremely high loads from the slab formwork
  • Project specific formwork for a 5.30 m thick slab – arched sections in certain areas


  • DOO "MD-Perić Company”, Bijeljina, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Platform for the Condensator)
  • GP Gradip AD, Prnjavor, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Turbine Building)

Avantages pour le client

  • Climbing units consisting of brackets and wall formwork which can be quickly moved by crane
  • Optimally adapted shoring with minimum material use
  • Cost effective solution thanks to the use of rentable system components
  • Large quantities of materials, technical planning and on site support from one source
Luka Popržen, Project Manager for the Construction Phase (MD-Perić Company)
Luka Popržen
Project Manager for the Construction Phase (MD-Perić Company)

PERI developed a safe and fast formwork solution for us. The simple technical solution and the excellent assembly plans have helped us extremely well in efficiently implementing the formwork and concreting work. The continuous technical support has also been particularly helpful, and has simplified our operations.

Miroslav Usorac, Civil Engineer, Project Manager for the Construction Phase (GP Gradip AD)
Miroslav Usorac
Civil Engineer, Project Manager for the Construction Phase (GP Gradip AD)

It was a very good decision to use PERI UP shoring and VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork. The easy application and high load bearing capacity of the system were particularly helpful in ensuring that the complex construction could be efficiently realized. From the planning and static calculations through to on-going support during the construction phase, PERI has proven that its service is of the highest quality.

Solutions PERI

  • Climbing formwork solution with VARIO GT 24 girder wall formwork on CB 240 climbing brackets for the external pier walls
  • BR shaft platforms with platform beams for supporting the internal wall formwork for the piers
  • Project specific wall and slab formwork – on the basis of the GT 24 formwork girder to accommodate the large dimensions and high loads – for the turbine building
  • PERI UP Flex shoring with a height of 11.60 m, leg spacings optimally adapted to suit the required loads
  • Arched supporting structure comprised of rentable system components taken from the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit (SLS heavy duty spindles, RCS rails)
  • Detailed planning and static calculations for the formwork and scaffolding construction
  • Competent support during the entire length of the project