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Cuatro Torres Business Area, Spain

Données projet

Adresses: Madrid, Espagne

Three of four high-rise buildings (skyscrapers):

  • Torre Espacio: 223 m high, 57 floors, completion 2007
  • Torre de Cristal: 249 m high, 52 floors, completion 2008
  • Torre Caja Madrid: 250 m high, 45 floors, completion 2009

Exigences projet

  • Torre Espacio:
    The initially quadratic floorplan with an elliptical shape runs around the three centrally located cores.
  • Torre de Cristal:
    Continual floorplan changes with tapering on all four edges.
  • Torre Caja Madrid:
    Two external reinforced concrete cores with very irregular floorplans and floor levels lying in between them.


  • OHL Group, Madrid (Torre Espacio)
  • Dragados (Torre de Cristal)
  • ARGE Torre 1, FCC/Dragados (Torre Caja Madrid)

Avantages pour le client

  • adherence to the tight schedule
  • system solution for the different requirements of the project 
Rafael Ruiz | Luis Redondo | José Luis Martín
Site Manager Torre Repsol | Site Manager Torre de Cristal | Site Manager Torre Espacio

The formwork solution developed by PERI and the ACS self-climbing system function excellently. Once again, PERI has proven its strengths regarding quality and service.

Due to the use of the ACS and SKYDECK systems, our site is a prime example of efficiency and safety.

From the beginning, our cooperation with PERI has been outstanding. And with TRIO, PERI UP, SKYDECK and ACS we were able utilise high-performing systems. Here PERI has once again proven its leading position.

Solutions PERI

  • Torre Espacio:
    ACS P climbing system for the striking of the 450 m² wall and slab in one work step including a central placing boom.
  • Torre de Cristal:
    ACS R, ACS P, ACS G climbing systems in combination with1,150 m² VARIO GT 24 wall formwork distributed across 10 climbing groups.
  • Torre Caja Madrid:
    ACS climbing system in combination with VARIO GT 24 wall formwork with a water stop to enable placing booms to reach the target of a weekly cycle.