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Evolution Tower, Russian Federation

Données projet

Part of Moscow’s international trade centre, “Moscow City”

each of the 52 upper floors is constantly twisted by 3° in a clockwise direction, whole rotation is 150°

  • 52 upper floors
  • Height: 249 m

Exigences projet

  • formwork solution for complex geometry with twisted floors
  • limited crane capacity requires crane-independent solution


CJSC Renaissance Construction, Moskau

Avantages pour le client

  • crane-independant and safe working conditions in regular weekly cycles
  • Test set-up as part of the overall solution

Solutions PERI

  • Self climbing corner column formwork for the spiral-shaped rectangular columns with climbing systems ACS and RCS
  • ACS self climbing system with VARIO GT 24 wall formwork for the building core
  • customized UNIPORTAL slab tables for floor slabs
  • diagonally climbed RCS climbing protection panel and landing plattform